Winter BBQ? Can Do!

Winter BBQ, anyone? Melrose Midtown’s pool deck is open for business during the playoffs and the holidays!

Granted, a December picnic requires some bravery and planning. But you don’t have to go full-on Bear Grylls. Just step downstairs, slap those ribs on the grill, scoot up and wrap some gifts, and everything’s done in time for dinner.

And when spring rolls around, break out the sunscreen. You have a re-finished and re-filled pool complete with a picnic area. Start your swim season early — because do kids ever get cold in the pool?

Swim season? Sure, coming up real soon.

The only folks not delighted with our new pool was the family of frogs who lived in the empty drain. But they’re just fine. We relocated them to a nice hidey-hole under the parking pad, and you’ll hear them again next swim season.

Grill On. Go Team. Merry and Bright. It’s all here at Melrose Midtown.

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