Psst . . . Wanna See Something Green?

The Melrose Midtown is a bossy lady. In a good way. Like your Mom, she wants the best for you, even if she’s a little brisk about expressing it.

We didn’t set out to create a magical unicorn.  But The Melrose Midtown had other ideas.  This mid-century matron was not about to take any nonsense from its re-development team.

If we wanted to give her a makeover, she told us, that was fine. But we needed to bring our hearts. And we needed to preserve her soul.

The more we planned to do the right things, the more we realized that the right things usually were “green” things as well. Six months into the project, we discovered that we were successfully merging apartment dwelling with sustainable construction.

We’d been “green” all along. We just didn’t know it.

Thanks, Melrose Midtown. You’re one cool sneaky gal.

Smooth glass cooktops need less cleaning product and eliminate the need for burner guards. (And they’re so easy!)


Mid-century style meets 21st century sensibility with energy-efficient LED fixtures.


Guilt-free kitchen: flow control faucets combine high performance and water conservation. New appliances were our energy-efficient choice. They happen to be very pretty, too.

Help us complete our transformation from apartment building into apartment community. Contact us today for a tour of The Melrose Midtown.

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