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Organize Basic Information

Your application will ask for

  • current and previous landlords
  • current and previous employment
  • personal references, and
  • automobile license plates

You can breeze through faster if everything is at your fingertips.

Gather Supporting Documents

With your application, you'll need to provide:

  • current driver's license
  • (or) other current and valid government-issued identification
  • proof of income*
  • application fee:
    • $50 for each unmarried individual over age 18, and
    • $75 for two married individuals over age 18

Supporting documents may be emailed, uploaded with your application, or dropped off/mailed to our leasing office.

Application fees may be dropped off/mailed or paid by telephone at our leasing office, 901-274-8810.

*Please contact us if you have questions about proof of income. Generally we suggest providing your 3 most recent check stubs (or) a current tax return (or) proof of fixed income such as Social Security stubs or statements.

Complete the Application

Feel free to do whatever works best for you:

On Paper using the Melrose Midtown Application in PDF. It can be returned with your supporting documentation and application fee:

by email:


by mail:

Leasing Office, 1422 Lamar Avenue, Memphis TN 38104

in person:

please contact us for an appointment

In Person at the leasing office.

Just contact us to set up a convenient time.

Online with the button below.

You may upload supporting documents during the application process, or provide them separately.

Application fees may be dropped off/mailed to the leasing office or paid by telephone, 901-274-8810.