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In 1959, Memphis real estate developer Kemmons Wilson envisioned a luxury condominium to define Midtown Memphis.

The result was The Continental. It set a new standard for gracious Southern living.

But time moves on. The Continental changed hands. Then again. And again. The year 2016 found the building in a sad state of disrepair.


When Talus Properties Inc. -- a husband/wife property rehab team -- first visited The Continental, its quality shone through despite the dust of years.

The team saw an apartment building that could be saved.

But they also saw an apartment community that could be re-created: people working, playing, and relating to each other in a clean and pleasant space.

This new vision deserved a new name. So, in 2017, The Continental became The Melrose Midtown.


The Melrose Midtown's restoration is characterized by thoughtful sourcing and responsible construction.

Resident health and safety govern all our building methods. But, if we can refinish instead of replace, we do.  If we can opt for reclaimed materials over new, we do. If we can upgrade an outmoded system to a more sustainable one, we do that, too.


When we're done, we expect The Melrose Midtown to be more structurally sound, more healthy for residents, and more energy-efficient than at any time in its history.

We hope you will join us in making The Melrose Midtown a thriving community for another 66 years.

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The Team

We are the family-owned Talus Properties, Inc. Since 2005, we have been rejuvenating urban and suburban mid-rise properties and strengthening their neighborhoods.

Our motto: "We bring new life to old buildings."

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Chris Robbins

Founder & CEO

Chris started in construction as a day laborer for his father (a homebuilder) at $2.95 per hour in 1989. As of today, he's been involved in renovation projects exceeding 2 million total square feet.

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Janice Garrett

Community Manager

With over 20 years of property management experience, Janice holds credentials from the National Center for Housing Management, National Apartment Association, Apartment Association of Greater Memphis, and the Tennessee Housing Development Agency.

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